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Chapter Fundraiser


Today marks the three year anniversary of my father’s death and the beginning of a social movement called because I said I would. In the past three years, our supporters and this organization have made an incredible impact. The promises of this movement have made headlines around the world and have helped thousands of people in need.

Unfortunately…that is not enough. The world is in too great of need for us to believe that this nonprofit has done enough. We need to create a better way to help others and improve ourselves. Today we make an announcement that will usher in a new era for the movement.

We are starting because I said I would chapters around the world. Each because I said I would chapter will be called an Echo and will act as a force for good in their respective region. Supporters like you have been asking for us to start chapters ever since my father passed away. We weren’t ready then…but we are ready now.

What will our chapters do?

1. Make and keep unified promises as a team to help people and causes in their local community.
2. Come together to learn about how promises and humanity are affected by history, psychology, philosophy and culture. And also learn ways that make us better at keeping promises.
3. Work as a support group to help members stick with their individual promises.

Through these chapters, the Echo program will provide structure that enables members to create an individual path of self-improvement while helping others in need. Imagine 10, 50, or 100 chapters around the world. This is how we can change the course of human history for the better.

My team and I have been fundraising behind-the-scenes to start this chapter program, but we have only raised half of the $200,000 that we need to start the initial 10 chapters.

We now turn to you for help. If you believe that the importance of a promise can change the world, now is the time to give. We have had an initial group of supporters promise to match every donation made up to a total $15,100. Donate to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit today and double your impact.

If you are not able to give, we understand. Some of our supporters have had to fight through tremendous hardship. You have read their stories. We are in no place to ask them for money. While I do hope this fundraising campaign is successful, if it fails…I will not give up. Just like my dad, I’m going to go down swinging. I put my life into this cause because supporters like you told me that the world needs this cause. Your promises have convinced me that committed individuals are what change the world. Help us find and enable those people. We can change the world. I believe that.

Dad, we miss you.