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100% of your donation goes directly to our charitable programs. Not a penny of your support is bogged down by administrative expenses. How? All of our organization’s overhead expenses are covered by our Founder’s speaking engagement fees. Many influential speakers keep their speaking fees as personal income, but Alex ensures that all of his earnings are given charity. We promise that your support will used to purchase supplies and equipment for community-based volunteer projects, character education materials for kids and other essential programming costs.

– 11,315,000 promise cards have been distributed to over 153 countries by request only
– 142,119 K-12 students have attended live character education programming
– 7 local chapters complete volunteer projects every month

We keep promises to help people going through poverty, hunger, disease, environmental issues, behavioral and mental health challenges and other critical problems. By working on a range of humanitarian issues we help build more knowledgeable citizens, while uniquely focusing on the power of keeping a promise!

Thank you so much for believing in the importance of a promise.

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