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A single promise can change a life forever. And behind every promise is a story…

Because I said I would is an international social movement at the forefront of shifting how the world views commitment and accountability. The organization was founded by humanitarian and renowned speaker Alex Sheen. With over 12.8 million Promise Cards distributed, this cause has played a unique role in changing lives around the world.

Thousands of people have shared their Promise Stories with this growing organization, and now we’re proud to share them with you!

Because I said I would: The Book is heartwarming, humorous, inspirational, and tragic. These stories will challenge readers to look deep within themselves and consider the importance of the promises they make.

Readers will gain:

  • Practical life lessons from surprisingly raw stories of ordinary people with incredible determination.
  • Useful advice on how to better keep their promises.  
  • Inspiring perspectives that can be utilized in leadership and character development initiatives.

You will be glad to know that 100% percent of the author’s proceeds go to because I said I would, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is bettering humanity. We do this through chapters of volunteers, character education in schools, accountability programs and awareness campaigns with a global reach. Learn more about our charitable programming here. 

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